Monday, May 11, 2009

In Case You Haven't Already Heard...

Hey guys,

I'm sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I have been over in Belize City, at the hospital with the Houghton's since last Wednesday.  Dan is doing better every day.  He is one of the strongest willed people I have ever seen. I wanted to personally thank you and the Houghton's send their love and thanks to all of you.  It is untelling how many prayers were said for Dan and his family.

Anyways, I have made one of the hardest decisions of my life...I am coming home this week. I hope that doesn't disappoint any of you. I have prayed about it all week and I talked to the body of elders in San Pedro and made the decision to come on home. I will explain the full scope of my reasons when I get back, so feel free to ask me why I decided to come back a month early.

I hope that my coming back early doesn't discourage others from serving where the need is greater. This has been the best experience of my entire life. I have grown so much spiritually and have been able to experience things that I will never forget. This is definitely not the end of my serving where the need is greater. I want to do it again in the future. I want to take just a second to thank each and everyone of you who helped and supported my being able to come down here for these 2 months. It would have never been possible without your help and support. So, I have to go right now, but I will seemost of you this weekend if everything goes as planned.

I love you all,

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Last Few Days...

Hey guys,

Well, we have been in service everyday this week.  We are still going early, because it gets so hot here.  I went back to the guy at the hardware store, but he ended up having to work later than he realized and was leaving work to go to Belize I will get to talk to him this week.  

Just so you know, there are no cases of "swine flu" in Belize at this point.  One of the doctors had a little seminar about the "swine flu" and things to do to protect yourself.  From what I understand, it was basically reminders about, making it a habit to wash your hands frequently and covering your mouth if you cough or sneeze, in order to avoid spreading it to others.
So, don't worry about me...everything here is fine right now.

We have been getting ready for the visit of the Circuit Overseer, Ozzie Oxley and his wife.  They will be here on Tuesday we will have 2 meetings during the week... Tuesday and Thursday instead of Wednesday.  I have heard that he is a trooper in field service, so he will motivate us to put in some longer days...which will be nice...and tiresome. :) 

This coming week, Buddy Magania Sr., does his VERY FIRST Bible reading.  He has really practiced hard for it, even coming down to the Kingdom Hall to practice...and you can tell!
He is definitely ready to give it...and everyone here is so excited to see their family making good progress!

Now, here are some pics for you...I hope you like them...

1st pic:  This was William Magania after the meeting on Wednesday night. That is his "throne" in front of the Kingdom Hall!  The hand coming in behind him is his brother, Buddy Jr., sneaking in the picture...haha.

2nd pic: We were in service on Wednesday morning (I think), and this eagle sat there for about a half hour while we talked to someone on the street.  Once we finished talking, I was able to get this pic.  These eagles are building this new nest at the opposite end of the island from where the last eagle pics were taken.

3rd pic:  On Thursday afternoon, Jeremy and I went kayaking again and I, being the genuis that I am, didn't think I needed sunscreen...Haha...BAD IDEA!!!  I thought I would take a picture of the results of that decision.  It's not that bad of a burn, especially since we were out there for about 4 hours.  However, I didn't have ANY sunscreen on, so it obviously doesn't feel good.  Kayaking is always fun though...and good exercise. :)

4th pic:  This sign is at the part of the island famously known as, "The Split".  One of the past hurricanes here actually ripped through that part of the island and caused the island to "split"... thus the name.  There is a bar and restaurant there where a lot of tourists go.  The bar is not a good place to hang out, but that is one of the best swimming areas on the island.  However, you can go swimming the avoid the bar scene, which is good.  Anyways, this morning in service, we were down that way, and I noticed this sign for the first time... I thought it was funny because of the bar's slogan: "A sunny place for shady people".  I couldn't help but laugh.

5th pic:  I took this pic earlier in the week while I was out on the pier where I go sometimes in the evening.  This house is directly behind the pier.  It is a really nice place.  I think the guy who owns it is a nuclear physicist.  He docks his boat at this particular pier.  The law here says that you can go out on any pier during daytime hours, but you can't get on anyone else's boat.

I hope you like the pics...
Thanks again for checking out the blog...
By the way, you should look at Jeremy and Karen Scriver's blog.  They are originally from Canada.  They just started their blog, so check it out:

Love ya'all,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Special Talk!!

Hey guys,

It's Sunday afternoon, and I just wanted to take a minute to post a quick blog about the Special Talk today.  I heard that Wayne Cox did a great job in Corbin...

We had 39 people there, including several who are studying and a couple who are disfellowshipped.
The talk went very well... Brother Dennis Kay came over from San Pedro to give the talk ("Is There A True Religion From God's Standpoint?")  He did a great job...

I took some pics today before and after the meeting, and here they are:

1st pic:  That is Dennis Kay. Again, he gave the talk today and did a great job...

2nd pic: (From left to right) Dennis Kay, myself, Dan and Dolly Houghton, and Betsy Chalderon

3rd pic:  (From left to right) Buddy Jr., Brendan, and William Magania.

4th pic:  Shirlette Gomez, her son Keanu, and her daughter Kimorra.

I'm sorry this is such a short post, but I have a Bible study this evening...
I will be posting again in a couple of days.

By the way, check out these blogs from back home:

Love ya'all,

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday's Pics and Some Updates...

Hey guys,
In service on Thursday, I went back to the guy at the hardware store.
He had read the last magazines I left him and had looked the "Teach" book over...
He mentioned that he would like to talk about Chapter 6: "Where Are The Dead?".
So, I'm supposed to go tomorrow (Saturday) at noon, when he gets off work, and study a few paragraphs from that chapter.  He say that he has questions and wants to find the answers!
So, we will see what happens, but he sounds sincere and very interested in learning what the BIBLE says!
While we were in service, we went to this guys house (Kenny) who has taken in some of the stray animals on the island...
Three out of the first four pics are from inside his yard...

1st pic:  That is a big, "testosteroned up", male iguana in Kenny's yard...It lives there and was actually pretty cooperative while I was taking it's picture.

2nd pic:  This is one of the dogs in Kenny's yard...its name is Benji.
Don't you think he is definitely part hound dog?

3rd pic:  This little guy was lying under a tree just up the street from Kenny's place...
Jeremy and I are pretty sure he was dreaming...

4th pic:  This is a "wild" cat that is in Kenny's yard, too.  Jeremy started petting it and this was one of the shots I got of it...

5th pic:  There is kind of a funny story about how I got this pic...  I went down to one of the piers that we swim from in regular clothes.  It was in the evening and I was just going to see if I could get some more pics of the sun setting and because the breeze off the water makes it so much cooler. It's really relaxing to sit there in the evenings.   Anyways, I had my camera and my MP3 player, but I saw this huge starfish out in the water...So, I emptied my pockets, pulled my shirt and belt off, and in I went!  Then, after I picked up the starfish, I brought it back over by the pier and took some pics...So, there you go...I hope you like it!
Then, when I got back to the "treehouse", Karen Scriver stopped me in the yard and wanted to know if I fell in or something...haha!  It was really funny!  

Today (Friday), Jeremy was at Kenny's doing some work on his kayak and I went down there for a while... While I was standing there, looking at this freshly painted kayak, the wind started blowing and we were underneath some kind of fruit tree...All of a sudden, this piece of fruit about the size of a lime, but with a harder shell, fell out of the tree and hit me right in top of the head.
Haha... It didn't hurt me or anything, but it was funny... Then, it broke open and landed in Jeremy's freshly painted kayak!  No biggie though...I'm just glad it wasn't a coconut!

Now, this video is one that I shot while I was sitting out on the pier Thursday.  I saw this guy "wind-surfing" and thought it would be an interesting video for the blog...Let me know what you think...

Anyways, I gotta go...I hope you are all still enjoying the blog!
Keep in touch...

Love ya'all,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday...During and After the Meeting!

Hey guys,

The meeting went well tonight...I only had 2 parts in the Service Meeting and both of them were question-and-answer.  It wasn't too difficult, because the friends here comment very well and then I had to cut some time off the last part.  We were running a little bit behind schedule.

Now for the pics:

1st pic: Keanu Morgan and his sister, Kimorra.  Keanu really helps his mom with his little sister, which is good to see.

2nd pic: That's Keanu doing the Bible reading. He is such a good reader and is only 9 years old!!
I wish  you all could have heard him,,,I was very impressed!

3rd pic: ICE CREAM!! I had the mint chocolate chip if you were wondering... (Starting at the front left) Karen Scriver, Betsy Chalderon, and Carol Pugh. Then, Dolly Houghton and I are in the back row. The ice cream was really good!

4th pic: We are all standing in the same order, but Dan (who was taking the pic) wanted to get his ice cream in the pic, too.  So, there it is.  He had "Belizean Fudge" flavor, I think.

Anyways, nothing too exciting tonight, but I wanted to post these pics and just say hey...

Love ya'all,

Monday, April 20, 2009

What A Week!!

Hey guys,

Here is the post I promised you...Things here are going great!
We have had an early group for service almost everyday for the past week.
I have to tell you about a really good call I had last week...

I was out in service around 8:30 am...I went to Dan Houghton's place to get the Kingdom Hall key because I lost mine while I was snorkling at the reef.  So, he gave me his key to the Kingdom Hall and told me where to go get another one made.  When I go in, I already had my bookbag and I was in service and the store was other customers.  So, I decided to offer him the mags.  He said, "Dan already gives me those, when I see him".  It just so happened that he hadn't gotten the March Watchtower entitled "Is Your Life Decided By Fate?"  So, he said he would like to read it and told me that the previous week he'd had 2 friends on the mainland get decapitated in a car accident on the mainland...this magazine was perfect for him and what was on his mind.
So, I left the March mags. with him...

Well, the very next day we were out early again and I saw Dan on the street, coming back from that same hardware store...he had a problem with a key I'd had made for him the day before...
He said the guy working there said he had read BOTH mags. the day before and wanted to know if I had some more.  When Dan told me that, I went straight back to that store and sure enough...
he had read both mags. and showed me his favorite articles from both of them!!  I showed him the new April magazines and he took them eagerly and he also accepted a "TEACH" book...
I don't know what will happen with it, but he did say that he was checking out several different religions and that he wanted to know which one was correct...I'm going back tomorrow to try and start a study...I will keep you posted about what happens.

Then, yesterday, Dan Houghton gave the talk here and then had to go to San Pedro to give it again, like I did last week.  That meant I would be conducting the Watchtower again...which I did yesterday.  I was much more comfortable conducting it this time and the commenting was great...the problem ended up being that I mis-managed my time and ended up rushing through the last 6 paragraphs or so.  But, that just comes with not having much experience in doing it, I guess.  I enjoy conducting that meeting though.

I just came back from about 4 hours of kayaking/fishing...I'm exhausted.  I found out that I love kayaking though.  I went with Jeremy and he did the fly fishing while I played around in the kayak...Check out what he caught...

This was an "amber jack" weighing approximately 10 pounds...and it was tasty!!

Jeremy was fly fishing and it took him about 30 minutes to actually get it in his hands...that fish fought with everything he had, but he didn't get away.

I'm definitely going to be doing some more kayaking here though and hopefully once I get back home, too.

I had better go for now...service in the morning!
I hope you guys are enjoying the blog so far...please keep in touch.  Check out BJ's, too!

Love ya'all,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Blog...

Hey guys,

I'm planning on posting a new blog tomorrow...its too late tonight.
I just found out that my friend over in San Pedro, BJ Vista, just created a blog...
Here is the link...
Check it out...he and his wife are in Belize for the long-haul!

They will have a lot of interesting things to post.

Remember to check mine tomorrow for a new post, too.

Love ya'all,